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Role of ASVAB Math Practice Test in the Preparation of Actual Exam

The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test is used to determine your eligibility and placement in the military. ASVAB Boot Camp’s courses, practice tests and study guides get you ready for this intensive test.


What to Expect

Our ASVAB math practice tests gives you a comprehensive idea of what to expect on the exam. To past the math component of the ASVAB, you’ll need a thorough understanding of algebra, exponents, fractions, interest, rational and irrational numbers, integers and more.  While you can expect this test to be challenging, you can pass it successfully if you take the time to study and prepare.


What are the Questions Like?

ASVAB Boot Camp’s math practice tests give you a good look at what you’ll need to know for the exam. You’ll need to apply sound reasoning and logic to answer questions such as the following ASVAB practice questions:


  1. On a map of the Pacific Northwest, the scale shows that 1 inch equals 10 miles. Using this map, the distance from the city of San Diego to San Francisco is 140 1/4 inches. What is the distance from San Diego to San Francisco round trip when rounded to the nearest mile?


  1. Review the following series: 4, 8, 16, 32. What is the next number in this sequence?


  1. Find the number of hours in five days.


  1. If John drives at an average of 40 miles per hour one day and 60 miles per hour the next, what is John’s average speed?


  1. Solve the equation: (x + 4) (x – 7). What is the answer?


(a) x2+ 3x – 28

(b) x2 – 3x + 28

(c) x2 – 3x – 28

(d) x2 + 3x + 28


Reasons to be Prepared

Failure to score high on on the ASVAB could limit your advancement in the military during your time of service. After you take the test the first time, you cannot take it again for month. If you wish to retake the test again after that, you must wait for two months. Following that, you may not retake the test again for six months.


Use ASVAB Boot Camp’s study guides to get the high score you want on the first try.


ASVAB Boot Camp

Here at ASVAB Boot Camp, we strive to support your journey – we are an online exam preparation site that helps students quickly prepare for the ASVAB. Leading subject matter and e-learning experts have worked together to analyze every detail of preparing for the test in order to create the best ASVAB study materials available online. In addition to this, we at ASVAB Boot Camp ensure that well-qualified instructional designers have created highly illustrated and interactive online modules that are easy to understand. Relevant ‘end-of-module’ questions are included within each course to help aid in memory retention – relevant applicable questions are posed to ensure the best knowledge absorption and understanding.


For more information about how we can assist in your preparation and subsequent success of the ASVAB, visit us online at ASVAB Boot Camp ( ).