PiCAT Test Questions
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PiCAT Test Questions

PiCAT stands for Prescreen Internet Computerized Adaptive Test. You may be wondering about the difference between the PiCAT test and ASVAB, so we’ve put together this guide to answer the questions we hear a lot.

1. What is the PiCAT test?

The PiCAT test is an untimed, unproctored, full version of the ASVAB that you take on any computer with an internet connection. It is intended only for applicants who have never taken the ASVAB. This test predicts future military training and job success. As a result, people with high scores on the PiCAT have a better chance of qualifying for entry into the military. Most noteworthy, a higher score opens doors to select, highly desirable, jobs within the military.

2. Does the PiCAT count as an official ASVAB score?

Yes, the PiCAT will count as a military applicant’s official ASVAB score of record if the applicant passes a 25-30 minute proctored verification test to confirm their PiCAT results. The applicant will have 30 days after the PiCAT is completed to take a verification test at the Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS), or a Military Entrance Test (MET) site. The verification test validates the PiCAT score for use as the official test score of record. As a result, the applicant will enlist under their PiCAT score after the applicant passes the verification test.

There is one caveat though. Whilst 95% of candidates who pass the PiCAT verification test will keep their initial PiCAT passing score, 5% are chosen at random to take the full ASVAB test straight after. This is to ensure the system works correctly.

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3. What if an applicant does not pass the verification test?

If not verified, the applicant will immediately take a full-length ASVAB test. Consequently, the resulting full-length ASVAB score will be the score of record.

4. Who can take the PiCAT?

Anyone who has not taken the ASVAB at MEPS or the Student ASVAB is eligible to take the PiCAT. The PiCAT is available nationwide and is in use by all branches of the military. To register to take the test, visit the United States Department of Defense website and select your military branch of choice to find out how to get in contact with a local recruiter. The recruiter will want you to study and prepare for the test before you are given a unique access code.

5. Can I take the test now?

You will need to meet with a recruiter and get an access code before you can take the PiCAT online. Once you get an access code from a military recruiter, the access code is valid for 30 days. You should study before taking the PiCAT, so you are fully prepared to take the test. There are online classes and practice tests available on ASVAB Boot Camp to help a person prepare to take the PiCAT test.

6. Can I retake the PiCAT test if I don’t get a high mark?

It is possible to retake the PiCAT but when you can take it will depend on the recruitment office. You may need to wait a month or more before you can retake the test.

7. How long is my PiCAT score valid?

Your PiCAT score is kept on official record for five years.

8. Are the PiCAT verification test questions the same?

In most cases, the questions you are asked in the PiCAT verification test will be very similar to the ones you were asked when taking the initial test. The verification test questions are selected to confirm your original score so you will be given questions at that same level.

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