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Key Tips for Taking the ASVAB Math Practice Test

ASVAB score results help determine your eligibility for current military jobs and future career growth. On the ASVAB test, there are eight individual subtests with four subtests that prove critical for your overall AFQT score. These four critical areas include Arithmetic Reasoning, Word Knowledge, Paragraph Comprehension and Mathematics Knowledge. Since two out of four AFQT subtests focus on math, it is very important that you spend enough time in your preparation focusing on learning math e principles. The following are a few key tips for taking the ASVAB math practice test:


Take your time – read the question thoroughly

This might be a no-brainer, but take a look at the amount of time you have for each subtest, and determine the number of questions you will be asked. This way you can estimate the amount of time you have to answer question. Use that time wisely. If some questions are very simple, do them quickly. There will be questions that will challenge you and will require that extra amount of time you have allotted for multiple-step math equations. One of the biggest mistakes to make is to rush because you are nervous. This often leads to not reading the question fully, possibly missing some details, or making assumptions that will lead to an incorrect answer. Read the question fully, ensure you understand what is being asked, then proceed to answer it. For example:


Charmaine has her savings account at the bank with a balance of $826.61. She deposits her paycheck for $214.38 and then uses her bank card to buy gas for $45 and lunch for $18.72. She picks up a bouquet of flowers for her mom on the way home for $22.45. How much money does she have in her bank account at the end of the day?


First, read the entire question and then break it down into doable parts. Write out the numbers so they translate into a math equation.


$826.61 + $214.38 – $45.00 – $18.72 – $22.45 = $954.82.


When looking at the answer choices, make sure you do not mix up the order of the numbers – this is one way that the multiple-choice answers may attempt to confuse you. Also, be careful with the decimal points. Line up the decimal points so each number is correctly added or subtracted. Then, when you write out your work you can go back and check your math if extra time is available.


Memorize the math order of operations

This is one of the ways that people get answers wrong more than anything else – they forget the natural math order of operations. When you first sit down, if you need to, write it down on a blank piece of paper to reference. Start by working everything out in parentheses, then move on to exponents. Then perform any multiplication and division. End with addition and subtraction. For example,


What is the answer for 21(28-1)–2×18?


Following the order, we know that 21(27) – 36. That is, 567-36=531.


The best tip for taking the ASVAB math practice test is your preparation. Seek out resources like ASVAB Boot Camp, to help you focus on the Mathematical Knowledge and Arithmetic Reasoning you will need to ensure a high AFQT score. Contact ASVAB Boot camp by calling us at (830) 28-ASVAB or (830) 282-7822 or e-mail us at