How Long Should You Study for ASVAB
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How Long Should You Study for ASVAB?

If you are one of those people who have dreamed of joining the military for your entire life, planned and plotted to build a career in the armed forces and truly have your sights set on your future with the military, then you probably already know about the ASVAB. For those who are new to the military and just exploring whether this type of career is for them, then the ASVAB may be a foreign concept or just a new term you’re unaware of. So, what exactly is the ASVAB?

The ASVAB, or Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, is a test that is given to everyone prior to entering the military. Regardless of the branch that you wish to join, the test will be given. The test looks at a number of key areas of study, including math, and scores you based on your knowledge and abilities. There are ten areas of testing altogether, and your overall scores are added up to show what job, or Military Occupational Specialty (MOS), is best suited for you.

There is a passing score necessary to even enter each branch of the military, so you need to be sure that you hit that lowest passing score if you want to make it in. But if you truly want to get your career started off on the right foot, and you want to be eligible for various grants and other funds available for you to go to school, then doing well on the ASVAB is an absolute must.

So, how can you ensure that you pass the ASVAB exam? You can just rely on the knowledge you already possess alone, especially if you want to hit the ground running in your military career.

What’s a Good Way to Study for the ASVAB?

When it’s time to think about the ASVAB and how to study, you need a comprehensive plan of attack to ensure you’re making the most of your time and getting the most out of it.

First things first, you need to make sure that you have a quiet place to study. Somewhere that you can avoid a lot of noise and you won’t be bothered constantly. You’ll need to make sure that you leave your phone on silent, or better yet, put it completely away. You’ll also need a laptop, notepad and pens or pencils.

Once you have those small essentials ready, you’re going to want to make a study schedule. This is one of the best ASVAB study tips. Pull out the calendar and start marking off the days and times when you will be able to put in some work. It’s best to start about two months out from when you will be taking the test. This will ensure that you have plenty of time to prepare for the ASVAB exam. Make sure to put your entire schedule onto this calendar and then work around it to find studying time. Even if you only have time for a few hours a week of dedicated, focused studying, that is far better than not studying at all. Mark your calendar for your study time and then actually do it!

The Best Way to Study for the ASVAB

Now that you have the essentials and a time set aside for studying for the ASVAB exam, you’re going to need to get some materials to ensure that you are studying the right information. Some of the most important tools you’ll need include:

·      ASVAB Study Practice Test

·      ASVAB Study Guide for 2020

·      Flashcards

·      Sample Questions

These above tools are absolutely necessary to ensure that you are getting the most information you need to excel at this exam. When you are ready to sit down and actually start studying, your first order of business will be to start with your ASVAB Study Guide 2020. You’ll want to get it from a reputable source, and not just any random place online. A source like ASVAB Boot Camp will have a number of study guides to suit your needs so that you can get the targeted information you must-have.

A study guide will have all of the various areas of focus, as well as the information that will be tested in these key areas. You’ll be able to get more knowledge of what’s on the test, which will help you to understand exactly what you need to study.

Next, purchase flashcards from a reputable source so that you can use repetition to really drill the information into your memory. Flashcards are one of the best ways to truly test your knowledge and get the practice that you need.

Your next step is to take an ASVAB Study Practice Test. Practice tests might just be the single best indicator of how well you will do on the actual test, but they also offer a wealth of other features. First, they help you to mimic what it will actually be like to take the test, which can help you to get your jitters and anxiety out. When you sit down to take the real test after having taken multiple practice tests, you’ll feel a lot calmer and less nervous because, in a way, you’ve already done it before.

ASVAB study practice tests also help you to see exactly what types of questions will be asked in each of the ten areas of focus. Knowing how questions will be worded and just seeing in person what this will actually be like is another way to calm yourself. Plus, when you get your practice test score back, you’ll be able to see which areas you need to continue to focus on, as well as where you are excelling and don’t need to put a ton more work into. This can help you study smarter, not harder.

These ASVAB study tips are meant to help you learn everything you need to know to do your best on your ASVAB exam. For exceptional resources from a professional, proven source, check out ASVAB Boot Camp. We have all of the resources required to help you study for the ASVAB and get the best score possible for you.