How Hard is the ASVAB
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How Hard is the ASVAB?

Are you ready to head into the Military? Have you been planning throughout your high school career to take the next step after graduation and head into a branch of the military? If that’s the case, then you’re probably wondering about the ASVAB. Everyone who enters the military needs to take this test, but what exactly is it, and how do you ensure that passing the ASVAB is possible?

What is the ASVAB?

First of all, if you’re new to the term or if you’re just now starting your research, you probably need to be filled in on what this test is. The ASVAB stands for Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery. It is a test that determines what type of jobs, often referred to as a MOS (Military Occupational Specialties), are best suited for you in the military. Passing ASVAB is essential to getting into any branch of the military. In fact, if you score less than a 31, you will most likely not be permitted to enlist. This test gives insight into what occupations in the military will be the best fit for you and helps to establish your future with the military.

The ASVAB can be very daunting for many, as it’s a test that can determine your entire military career, and can help you to get more money and bonuses for school. It’s an extremely important test, and definitely not one to take lightly. But, how hard is the ASVAB?

ASVAB difficulty is obviously subjective. There are some who find it incredibly easy, and others who have a tough time with it. Generally, these are some aspects to think about when you are looking at the difficulty level of the ASVAB:

·      How long have you been out of school?

·      How well did you do in high school?

·      Are you a good test taker, or do tests make you nervous?

·      How proficient are you at studying?

For those who are currently juniors or seniors in high school, the test can actually prove much easier than it does for those who have graduated a few years prior. This is because of the math portion especially. If you have recently learned the concepts covered on the math portion of the ASVAB, the information will be fresh on your mind and much easier for you to recall. Conversely, if you graduated from high school a few years ago and have not been using these skills, you might find the ASVAB difficulty level is higher for you.

So, what’s a student to do when they need to do well on this test, and they want to ensure that they are getting the best job possible and eligibility for grants and bonuses so that they can have a better future? First things first, you’ll want to look at the eligibility requirements for each branch of the military, as well as look at the jobs that you want in the military to determine what you need to aim for.

ASVAB Eligibility Requirements

Passing the ASVAB is essential to getting into whatever branch of the military you want to join. But, a passing score varies based on the branch that you are in. Here are the military branches and what you will need to score to be eligible to join:

·      Air Force: Minimum of 31 for high school seniors or graduates, 50 for GED holders

·      Army: Minimum of 31 for high school seniors or graduates, but 50 for GED holders

·      Marine Corps: Minimum of 32 for those with a high school diploma, and 50 for those with a GED

·      Navy: Minimum of 35 for high school graduates, and 50 for those with a GED

Note that these are just the minimum requirements for eligibility for these branches. The type of MOS that you’ll get, or that you will be able to show your aptitude for, is another story.

Passing the ASVAB is just the beginning. Each MOS in every branch of the military has ASVAB score requirements. There are multiple subjects covered, and how you score on each one is added up to determine what specific MOS you are eligible for.

How to Prepare for the ASVAB

While passing the ASVAB has a lot to do with testing knowledge that you already have right now, you can do quite a few things to get the best score possible. While there are many ASVAB preparation tactics, it’s best to use an official ASVAB study program that has been tested and proven effective. Some of the many aspects of a quality ASVAB preparation regime include:

·      Using the ASVAB study guide

·      Taking ASVAB practice tests

·      Using flashcards for specific subjects

·      Ability to find study guides and resources for certain subjects only

Official ASVAB Study Program

Using an official ASVAB study program like ASVAB Boot Camp ensures that not only are you focusing on the specific areas you actually need to, but you’re also getting time tested and proven effective study methods to excel at the test. Taking practice tests is one great way to really dip your toes in the water to try it out,t and get your nerves out so that on the day of the test you won’t feel like you’re going into it blindly. You’ll get to see what the test might look like and truly mentally prepare for the big day.

Why ASVAB Boot Camp

ASVAB Boot Camp is a quality program that offers a wealth of knowledge, quality resources, and a wide range of services to help achieve the highest score possible. For those who wonder if the test is hard, without studying it most definitely is. Don’t go into the test with the plan that you will just wing it, as you’ll be left with a low score and a lack of confidence.

In short, Yes the ASVAB is hard—but with the right preparation, use of a quality ASVAB study guide, and working with ASVAB Boot Camp to ensure you are as prepared as possible, you can pass the test, qualify for an MOS that takes you places, and be eligible for funds to help pay for your school and set you up for success. Truthfully, your future depends on it!

Contact the experts at ASVAB Boot Camp today to get started. The sooner you start preparing, the sooner you can take the test and begin working towards your illustrious military career.