Retaking ASVAB Test
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Can You Retake The ASVAB

To join the U.S. military, everyone needs to complete the ASVAB test. This qualification exam will determine which branch is best for the applicant and where they will be placed. This is a tedious process for many, because everyone needs a specific score to be eligible for their branch of choice.

Unlike most screening or aptitude tests, which may be determined by a pass or fail, you cannot ‘fail’ the ASVAB. This means candidates have the chance to retake the ASVAB. This is not to say you shouldn’t take an ASVAB study course prior. The higher your score, the better your chances will be of getting into the branch of your choice.

If you have under-performed in the initial test, whether it’s down to stress, lack of sleep, or it’s just one of those days, you have the option to retake this test.

If you decide you want to better your score, here are the key questions to be aware of when before retaking the ASVAB.

Why Do I Need to Retake?

If you get an AFQT test score of 30 or below, you will need to retake the ASVAB. The Armed Forces Qualification Test (AFQT) minimum score is 31 to qualify for the military. Your score also remains with you throughout your military career so a person with a higher score will be eligible for more desirable military occupational specialties (MOS).

Your test results will come on the ASVAB student results sheet, which will provide feedback and information to help you better understand your score. From there, you should take an ASVAB practice course to improve future scores.

If your AFQT score was under the threshold, this means you need to improve on one of four main areas:

  • Word knowledge
  • Reading comprehension
  • Math knowledge
  • Arithmetic reasoning

These are the four main sections which are used as a benchmark to calculate your AFQT score.

How Long Do I Have to Wait to Retake?

The ASVAB requires a one-month gap between your first examination and a retake. If you have to retake for a third time, you will need to wait 6 months, and so forth for every time, you take the ASVAB test again. You may retake the ASVAB test as many times as you like.

What if My Retake Score is Lower Than My Previous Attempt?

For some, there may be a specific area you want to improve, like your verbal reasoning. When you retake the ASVAB, this is the score that will be used for military enlistment. For this reason, you want to make sure you’ve studied the areas you want to improve in. The latest score is what will be used, not your highest score.

How Long Are Your Results Valid For?

The ASVAB is valid for two years, only if you are not currently enlisted in the military. In most situations, upon joining the military, your ASVAB score remains intact. If you are looking to retrain, you can use your initial ASVAB enlistment scores.

Do the Retake Rules Apply to Every Sector of The Armed Services?

Each branch of service has its minimum standards for the ASVAB test with slight variations in each of its rules for retakes.


The Army or National Guard does not permit an ASVAB retake if you are looking to boost your score. You may retake if your previous ASVAB score has expired, you were unable to complete the test, or you did not achieve the minimum score required.


The Marine Corps also authorizes a retake if your ASVAB has expired. Recruiters can request a retest if they believe the initial score doesn’t reflect the candidate’s true ability, education, experience, and training.

Air Force

The Air Force differs from The Army as it doesn’t allow you to retake after you have registered on to the Delayed Entry Program (DEP).

The Air Force will allow you to appear for the examination only if you secured the minimum AFQT score, and your line scores are not equivalent to your job requirements and qualifications.


The Navy does not allow you to retake the ASVAB if you are part of the DEP. If you just fall below the AFQT score and land a 28-30, you may enroll in the DEP Enrichment Program. After completing this session, you are then allowed to retake the ASVAB.

If your score is less than 31, The Navy will allow you to retake if your previous result is no longer valid or you did not meet the requirements to be enlisted.

Coast Guard

The Coast Guard does permit the test to be retaken within a time frame of six months. You can attempt the examination again if you want to increase your score to land your desired job or if your recruiter is sure that you can perform better if given another chance.

Is There a Way to Check That I’m Suitable for the ASVAB?

If you are deciding on taking this exam and need further guidance, the military offers a PiCAT scheme (Prescreen, Internet-Delivered Computer Adaptive Test). Applicants can ask recruiters about the PiCAT to see if they are qualified to pass the ASVAB before taking the test.

The test is effectively a non-timed, unsupervised version of the ASVAB. Please be aware that this is only available to you if you have not already taken the ASVAB.

How Do I Prepare For The Retake?

Preparation for the ASVAB test is vital. As the initial starting point in your career, your score will determine how far you can go in the armed forces.

Allow time in order to prepare properly and pass the ASVAB. You should also practice your comprehension skills by reviewing books or newspapers. Try to identify the main idea, supporting details and a summary that the author is trying to convey to you as the reader.

The best advice? Get a good night’s sleep before the test, try and find time to relax, eat well, and enjoy your other hobbies while balancing a consistent study schedule.

Where Are The Best Practice Tests?

ASVAB Boot Camp is the most effective way to prepare for your test. The team brings out the best study material and practice tests to improve your understanding of key concepts.

The practice tests include answer results with reasons for why the right answers are correct. Practice tests also help an applicant become familiar with the test format. The tests are designed to have the same look and feel as the computerized ASVAB exam.

With everything above in place, you should have all you need to pass the ASVAB and enjoy a rewarding life in the US Military.

Wrap Up

If you’re looking for complete resources to pass the ASVAB, we encourage you to try the ASVAB study guide, practice test, and online courses. This will boost your chances of receiving scores to qualify for your desired branch the first time around.