Army ASVAB Study Prep
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Army ASVAB Test Preparation Paying Off for Active Soldiers

Army ASVAB Study PrepIt’s extremely important for Army ASVAB test takers to study and achieve their highest possible ASVAB score.

The Army is getting smaller. There is competition to remain on active duty. If a person took the time to prepare and use ASVAB study materials before taking their test, they are in a much better job position now than those who simply did the bare minimum to pass the ASVAB. This is because a person’s score on each section of the ASVAB determines their eligibility for competitive Army job positions. To read more details about this news, visit this article from the ArmyTimes

Active Duty Soldiers with High ASVAB Scores

Many active duty soldiers are having to change their MOS. He/she is not a top choice for their current job based on previous Army ASVAB scores.  Soldiers with high Army ASVAB scores will be more eligible than other candidates for a job switch.

A person’s GT score, along with the other line scores, can be found in the ASVAB entries on the Army’s Enlisted Record Brief. The ArmyTimes quoted Sergeant Major of the Army Raymond Chandler who said, “Just because you had a GT score that allowed you to enter the Army and serve in a (particular) MOS, does not mean it’s the GT score that will allow you to reclassify into other jobs.”

How to Prepare for ASVAB Test Day

The best way to get a high score on your Army ASVAB is to study and take practice tests before your official ASVAB test day. Online courses like these are a great way to get instant access to ASVAB training prep. It’s just as important to take practice tests as you study so you can identify what sections of the ASVAB are your strengths and weaknesses.

Many people can get into the Army with a minimum passing ASVAB score of 31. However, it may not be a high enough score to stay in the military long term. As you gain experience in the Army you need to improve your ranking so you can get paid more. You won’t be able to advance very high if you don’t have good scores on your Army ASVAB.