Best Ways to Study for The ASVAB Paragraph Comprehension Test
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6 Best Ways to Study for The ASVAB Paragraph Comprehension Test in 2020

If you’re preparing for a future in the military, you’re going to need to study for and take the ASVAB Test, and one key component of the test is the Paragraph Comprehension Test. The Paragraph Comprehension subtest (or section) focuses on your comprehension of reading and whether you have retained the information. An online course will make preparing for the test a painless process. ASVAB Boot Camp makes it simple, fast, and affordable for you to do everything from taking online practice tests to complete online courses from your tablet, smartphone, or laptop. You can choose to study just for the Paragraph Comprehension section, or for all four sections of the AFQT, depending on your needs to reach your ideal ASVAB score.

The Paragraph Comprehension course offered by ASVAB Bootcamp is one hour long. You’ll learn how to identify key points within paragraphs, and can do so on your own time from your tablet or smartphone. You will have access to three modules that you can watch in any order, and you can access as many times as you need to during your 60-day access period. The three modules include:

1. Introduction to Paragraph Comprehension

2. How to Answer Each Type of Question: Main Idea, Inference, Vocabulary-In-Context and Detail

3. Increase Your Reading Speed and Paragraph Comprehension Test Tips

Getting Your Best ASVAB Paragraph Comprehension Score

Studying for the Paragraph Comprehension test can be challenging, but if you have the right materials, including a Paragraph Comprehension study guide and practice test and online class then you can do well on this crucial test.

While studying can be daunting, once you have the tools and the knowledge of how to use them, you can start to get ready for any test using the most effective methods. Follow the six methods we outline below, and you can set yourself up for study success as you prepare for the ASVAB test.

Top 6 Ways to Study for the Paragraph Comprehension Test Using The ASVAB Boot Camp Study Aides and Online Course

1.    Take Practice Tests Online

According to researchers and a study published in Psychological Science In the Public Interest, taking practice tests is one of the most effective ways to study for any test. This online article discussing the findings of the research explains, “Testing yourself works because you have to make an effort to pull information from your memory — something we don’t do when we merely review our notes or reread the textbook.”

Recalling the information for a practice ASVAB paragraph comprehension test, for example, will help your brain to better understand and commit to memory the information. “We know that the act of retrieval is an extremely potent learning experience,” says cognitive psychologist Thomas Toppino, who chairs the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences at Villanova University.”

With online study guides you can easily take practice tests anytime you are able to. Studying doesn’t have to be from a textbook, and can be done right from your phone as you’re riding the bus, waiting for an appointment, or in between customers at your after-school job. It truly can be anytime you are able to pull out your phone or tablet and start working.

2.    Begin studying far in advance of the test; AKA don’t cram!

Studies for decades have shown to be true that one of the most common studying methods, “cramming,” is incredibly ineffective. Why? According to researchers, you get a lot more recall bang for your buck if you space out your study sessions.

When you take the time to study for a set amount of time each night, versus doing all of your studying in one fell swoop for four or five hours, you are better able to imprint the information on your brain. How can you apply this today? With online study guides and practice tests from ASVAB Bootcamp, you can study virtually anywhere. You’ll also be able to access all three modules in the Paragraph Comprehension online course at any time during your 60-day period, so you can take the course and study over a two-month period, without cramming.

As the article notes, “As we revisit information over time, the memory becomes more stable and less easily disrupted. Neuroscientists believe this partly reflects the transfer of the memory from the hippocampus in the mid-brain to areas in the cerebral cortex.”

3.    Repetition

Another form of active recall, like using ASVAB Paragraph Comprehension practice questions, flashcards are helpful because they cause your brain to have to work harder to retrieve the information. Each time you do this, it gets easier and easier to remember, because you are creating a longer-term memory of the information.

Gone are the days when paper flashcards ruled the study landscape.

4.    Studying in a quiet, distraction-free environment

Across the board, study experts cite your environment as a key factor in studying success. When you are reviewing a Paragraph Comprehension online course, for example, make sure that you are doing so in a quiet room, and keep your phone notifications on silent.

5.    Avoid the Curve of Forgetting

The “curve of forgetting” is a phenomenon in which we forget information quickly after we have first learned it unless we review it within 24 hours. According to this Princeton Review article, “The first time you hear a lecture or study something new, you retain up to 80% of what you’ve just learned — if you review the material within 24 hours.”

Review what you have just learned within 24 hours, and then again each day after, to help yourself remember it for your upcoming test. At ASVAB Boot Camp there is an interactive quiz or exercise every five minutes to help a person retain the information that was just taught in the course. This helps aid in memory retention.

6.    Get plenty of rest and exercise

Though not necessarily a study method, ensuring that you are getting enough physical activity and sleeping plenty at night, will help you to stave off stress and have a clear mind. This will help you to be at your best when studying.

Prepare for the ASVAB Paragraph Comprehension Test with effective resources when you use the tools ASVAB Boot Camp has to offer.